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Service Areas

Solutions for an Evolving Business Environment

Service Areas

environmental site management

Inventum Engineering assists our clients in all phases of environmental site assessment and management from small Phase II ESAs to full RCRA Facility Investigations. Our technical professionals have managed and led site assessments in a variety of regulatory environments, including RCRA, CERCLA, numerous state-lead consent decrees and consent orders, and multiple voluntary state cleanup programs.

brownfield co-development

Inventum Engineering blends our expertise in investigation, characterization, remediation, and regulatory management of impaired properties with our experience in site reuse & redevelopment to help clients in the redevelopment of stranded assets.

Our approach is unique in the industry as we strive to participate as a partner in the redevelopment. This approach allows for the beneficial reuse of the property as the ultimate goal for all parties (owner and engineer) and not just billable hours for the consultant. Sites that have been successfully and sustainably put back into service provide the most secure long-term liability protection for our clients.

environmental remediation

Inventum Engineering has over 40+ years of experience in the environmental remediation industry with a track history of obtaining site closure and no further action determinations. Our engineers are experienced in the design, implementation, management, and optimization of numerous remedial technologies. As environmental professionals with accomplished development expertise we understand the drivers owners and industry remediation managers face and work to design and implement solutions that mitigate risk to human-health and the environment and our client’s bottom line.

distributed power siting/development

Inventum Engineering can assist and/or lead clients in the integration, site selection, evaluation, and permitting of distributed power systems. We understand scale and the need to balance your needs with the cost and opportunity. The opportunity for onsite generation, energy storage, and energy sales/peaking vary with location and your business goals. We have the expertise to assist your staff in the evaluation of power systems that will enhance your business and create new revenue opportunities.

Our team has led the site selection, permitting, program management, and EPC contract development for power projects with a total investment value of over $1bn in the PJM Interconnection market.

environmental Portfolio management

Inventum Engineering provides single site to portfolio wide environmental management services for our commercial and industrial clients. Our expertise and small size allows us to be aggressive in approach for our clients. Our environmental management services can span from assisting clients in navigating a complex state and federal regulatory system through a full range of risk transfer mechanisms including full environmental liability transfer and redevelopment.

expert witness

Inventum Engineering can provide expert witness services to our legal and insurance firm clients in their environmental practice areas.

risk management support

Mergers, Acquisitions, Real Estate Transactions, Insurance, Investing are fraught with risk. We have executed transactions across the globe. We know how to quantify permitting, environmental, and development risks. Our staff can provide preliminary high level characterization through detailed Due Diligence of risks associated with your next transaction or contract.