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Solutions for an evolving business environment.
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Inventum Engineering

Solutions for an Evolving Business Environment


Intelligent Engagement - Innovative Environment - Integrated Energy

Inventum Engineering is headquartered in Herndon, VA and is owned and operated by seasoned and experienced environmental and site development specialists. We have all worked at small, medium, and mega firms. We understand what works at each scale and understand how to manage projects efficiently. We have the relationships to achieve your goals and, when necessary and appropriate, can engage the necessary resources without carrying the burden of a firm that must keep their staff busy and meet billable goals.

We are focused on co-development of brownfield properties, single-site and portfolio wide environmental consulting services, environmental site assessment/remediation, and siting/permitting within the distributed power market.

Inventum Engineering knows that finding the right firm and development partner is often a tough choice for our clients. We’re happy to take a look at your site needs and discuss with you the scope of your goals and how we can help you meet those goals efficiently and with the attentive care you deserve from your consultants/partners.




Inventum Engineering

481 Carlisle Drive

Suite 202

Herndon, VA 20170