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Buffalo color brownfield cleanup program site

The Buffalo Color Brownfield Cleanup Program Site is located in South Buffalo adjacent to the Buffalo River. The site was historically used for the production of dyestuffs, organic chemicals, and intermediate chemicals for more than one hundred years. Inventum’s engineers and scientists worked with the South Buffalo Development group and the NYSDEC to navigate Areas C and E of the site through the NY State Brownfield Cleanup Program to allow development of restricted residential apartments, commercial spaces, and a collegiate athletic complex. The remedial plans include removal of impacted soils, in-situ groundwater remediation, groundwater and air monitoring, capping, selective demolition, and institutional controls.


Waterfront school

In 2005 the engineers of Inventum were the engineers in responsible charge of the Brownfield Cleanup program for a Manufactured Gas Plant Site in downtown Buffalo, New York. Since that time, the long-term groundwater monitoring, site inspections, and maintenance of the sub-slab depressurization system have been managed by Inventum engineers. The systems were designed and have successfully minimized the cost to our client while providing active protection of the occupied spaces over the remediation properties.


east delavan property

An Inventum client purchased a former axle manufacturing complex. Portions of the property were listed in the New York State Inactive Hazardous Waste Site Program (NYS Superfund) and the remainder has been enrolled in the NYS Brownfield Cleanup Program. Inventum provided the technical analysis and expertise to navigate the differentiation of the programs, and to characterize the baseline conditions for the two segments of the property. The analyses provided by Inventum allowed our client to extricate itself from responsibility for the Superfund portion of the remedial program eliminating what could have been millions in remedial obligations.

Inventum has successfully completed the NYS Brownfield Program Application and has developed the Remedial Investigation Work Plan for the Brownfield Site. Inventum will complete the Remedial Investigation in 2019.


harrison county power & brooke county power

The engineers and development specialists of Inventum have led the successful siting and permitting of multiple power projects including the Harrison County Power and Brooke County Power developments in West Virginia. Our team led the projects from initial concept, working with all stakeholders - including federal, state, local officials, community members, and relevant agencies to obtain all required approvals for the projects.

Our team led the site selection; OEM technology selection; trade union relations; all federal, state, and local permitting including: WV Public Service Commission Siting Certificates; USEPA/WVDEP Title V New Major Source Emissions permitting; USACoE CWA 404 permitting and mitigation contracting; WVDEP 401 certifications; USFWS/WVDNR T&E species clearances; WVSHPO studies and clearances; EPC selection, negotiations, and contracting.